Experienced Pet Hospital in Florence, AL

Connolly Animal Clinic P.C. is here for you and your animal. We offer complete medicine to ensure your pet stays healthy and happy.

Annual Check-ups

Just like any other member of your family, your dog or cat can benefit from regular physical examinations, blood tests, and vaccines so that small health issues can be identified and treated before they develop into major health risks.

Veterinary Services

We treat everything from pet injuries to infectious diseases and chronic medical conditions. We maintain a laboratory on-site where we perform and analyze all necessary blood work and digital X-rays. We also provide thorough follow-up services.

Digital X-Ray Machines

We use advanced digital x-ray machines for faster, more accurate results. We are also able to employ modern telemedicine techniques to better analyze the x-rays.

In-Hospital Care for Small Animals

If your animal companion requires round-the-clock monitoring, we maintain a full-service veterinary hospital on the premises.


Ensure your pet is easily found. We offer microchip ID's that can be implanted in your pet, and can be wirelessly scanned to help locate your furry friend. Ask us how!

Advanced Laser Surgery

We are able to perform cutting-edge laser surgery for your pet. Laser surgery is safer, more precise and has a faster recovery time. Visit our Laser Medicine page to learn more!

Emergency Services

Emergency services are available at 256-740-4800, 6pm - 6am, Monday evening through Friday morning, with 24-hour care on the weekend. Our emergency clinic is staffed by a vet and several technicians to take the best care of your pet.


We board dogs and cats. Our boarding facilities are clean and comfortable, and we encourage you to take a tour so that you can check out conditions for yourself and meet our friendly staff!

At Connolly Animal Clinic P.C., we truly care about animals and each one of our patient and knowledgeable veterinary professionals is state-certified. We offer flexible financing arrangements to help make your pet's care affordable. We serve animals and animal lovers in Florence, AL. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment for your pet's best health!