When you need to leave your home for an extended time period, someone needs to watch any pets under your care. Contact Connolly Animal Clinic in Florence, AL to make an appointment with our veterinarian to discuss boarding and pet sitting services. Here are the amenities you and your pet receive when you board your dog or cat with us.


Someone Available at All Hours of the Day and Night

One of the main reasons why people trust boarding services at animal hospitals over hiring someone to do pet sitting at the home is that there is someone available to watch pets at all hours. This is especially important for someone who has a dog or cat that suffers from a medical condition. A veterinarian is either in-house or available by phone to check the pet's health and provide treatment if necessary. If you have a pet that is not used to being alone, a staff member is always around to provide him with companionship if needed.

All the Necessary Amenities in One Place

When your pet stays at our boarding facility, he has all the comforts of home away from home. Our facility provides areas for resting and playing, which allows your dog or cat to carry on his normal routine. If your pet has a special blanket, pillow, or bedding that it uses at home, you are more than welcome to bring it along for your pet to use during his stay. This is sometimes helpful for pets that experience anxiety or depression. In addition to a large space for staying, your pet has the opportunity to use outdoor areas for exercising if you desire.

Your Requests Are Followed throughout the Stay

Our staff knows the importance of following guidelines clients provide to us regarding their pet's needs. At the time you board your pet, you are asked if you have specific requests about the care of your dog or cat. This is documented and adhered to throughout your pet's stay. This includes the administering of food or medication. If you wish for your pet to socialize with other animals, this is done in a monitored setting.

If you need to board your dog or cat, contact Connelly Animal Clinic in Florence, AL to make an appointment with our veterinarian for an evaluation of your pet's health before his stay. We are also available for tours of our facility to learn more about the services we provide. To book boarding or pet sitting services, call our office today at(256) 757-5376.