Pet Arthritis FAQs

Are you worried about your pet's health? Do you have questions about pet arthritis that you need answered? Here, we will answer some of the most common questions people have about this condition. We'll provide information on how to tell if your pet has arthritis, what causes it, and it is treated at an animal clinic.

At CONNOLLY ANIMAL CLINIC in Florence, AL, we provide diagnosis and treatment for pet arthritis. If you suspect your precious animal has this condition, bring them to our veterinarians and our animal clinic will create a treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Arthritis

What Is Pet Arthritis?

Arthritis in pets is an inflammation of the joints which results in stiffness, swelling, pain, and difficulty moving. It occurs when the cartilage between joints breaks down. This makes it difficult for the bones to glide over each other without pain.

How Can I Know if My Pet Has Arthritis?

There are a few key signs that your animal is suffering from arthritis. For example, they might be limping or holding a leg up more often than usual. They may also have difficulty getting up from a resting position. If your pet is suddenly sleeping more than usual or avoiding physical activities, it could also be a sign of arthritis.

What Causes Pet Arthritis?

Pets who are overweight are more prone to developing arthritis than those who practice an active lifestyle. Pets with certain breeds are also more susceptible to this condition, such as rottweilers, springer spaniels, dalmatians, German shepherds, and Labrador retrievers. What's more, pets who are older are also at greater risk for developing arthritis in their joints.

How Can My Veterinarian Treat Pet Arthritis?

Our veterinarian will recommend a treatment plan depending on the severity of your animal's arthritis. Veterinarians typically start with a proper diet and exercise restriction, as well as medication. In severe cases, your vet may recommend surgery or a complete joint replacement.

Can Pet Arthritis Be Cured?

Unfortunately, there is currently no complete cure for arthritis in pets. Remember, the earlier your animal gets treatment, the better and more effective their treatment will be. If your pet is experiencing any signs of arthritis, bring them to your vet as soon as possible for a diagnosis.

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At CONNOLLY ANIMAL CLINIC in Florence, AL, we provide diagnosis and treatment for pet arthritis. If your animal is showing signs of this condition, let us help you manage it so that they can live a more comfortable life. Call (256) 757-5376 to book an appointment with your veterinarian.