Pet Wellness Exam

Pet wellness exams are important, as the exams help detect any conditions or diseases early and help keep your pet healthy. At Connolly Animal Clinic in Florence, AL, we provide pet wellness exams to learn more about your pet’s health and provide any necessary treatment. Before visiting us, find out how to prepare for your visit and what happens during an exam below! 

pet exam

How Do I Prepare for a Visit?

When you visit, our veterinarians may ask questions about your pet’s activity, behavior, and diet prior to the exam. If you have never brought your pet to our animal clinic before, we recommend clicking the New Patient Center tab and putting together documentation of your pet’s medical history to provide

What Can I Expect During a Pet Wellness Examination?

Our team will thoroughly evaluate your pet’s condition. We ask questions about your pet's behavior and want to know if you have noticed any changes or have any concerns about behavior you have witnessed. Along with that, our vet will check your cat or dog’s pulse, weight, respiration rate, body and temperature. We will also examine the eyes, ears, teeth, coat, and how your pet moves and responds.

The wellness exam allows our vets to check if your pet may be experiencing any pain, discomfort, or signs of illness that require a more detailed examination or treatment. During the exam, we may collect blood, urine, and fecal samples for analysis, which will help us learn about possible infections, parasites, heartworm, or other health issues.

How Frequently Do Pet Wellness Visits Need to Occur?

Your pet's age and general health condition are important factors that determine the frequency of wellness visits. While annual visits are common for most adult dogs and cats, frequent visits are strongly encouraged for pets who are a few months old or in their senior years. The visits help us detect any complications and talk about important steps for preventative care. Routine exams also allow our vets to provide dental care and vaccinations that can help keep your pet healthy.

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At Connolly Animal Clinic in Florence, AL, we offer pet wellness exam to ensure that your cat or dog’s health is in good condition. To learn more about what an exam entails and to schedule an appointment, contact our clinic at (256) 757-5376 today.