Arthritis In Pets

As the years pass, you may notice your pet slowing down. Your animal may be less enthusiastic for walks or have trouble climbing the stairs in your home. The problem may be arthritis. Luckily, veterinary care offers a number of solutions for pets with arthritis to reduce pain and improve mobility. At Connolly Animal Clinic in Florence, AL, we help pets with arthritis be more comfortable and stay active.


Understanding Arthritis

Arthritis is a progressive condition that gets worse over time. The inflammation and discomfort can become so great that it affects the pet’s ability to engage in normal activities. Arthritis occurs in both dogs and cats. Osteoarthritis is a common form of arthritis that affects the joints of the body. It generally occurs as a result of aging and the normal wear and tear that occurs with movement. As the cartilage that cushions the bones wear away with continued use, the animal begins to experience stiffness, swelling of joints, and pain during activities.

Diagnosing Pet Arthritis

Our veterinarians will provide a thorough assessment of your pet’s current health, noting any swelling or tenderness in the joints and paying attention to any problems with walking or other types of movement. X-rays are usually required to see if there are any visible joint abnormalities. Ultrasound may also be needed to detect visible signs of worn cartilage or other soft tissue abnormalities.

Treatment for Pet Arthritis

There are a wide range of treatment options for pet arthritis we can use, depending on the severity of the problem. Our veterinarians will assess your pet’s arthritis and recommend the appropriate treatment. We often prescribe pain medications to keep pets comfortable and recommend lifestyle changes to prevent arthritis from negatively impacting the pet’s life. For more severe arthritis problems, our vets may recommend laser therapy to reduce pain. Weight management and modification of the home environment can also be helpful.

Make Connolly Animal Clinic Your Veterinarian for Pet Arthritis Care in Florence, AL

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