Puppy and Kitten Care

Puppy and Kitten Care from a Veterinarian at Our Animal Clinic

Are you thinking of adding a pet to your family? Whether it’s a puppy or a kitten, the decision to bring home a four-legged companion can be rewarding. However, caring for pets isn’t always easy and requires work. At Connolly Animal Clinic P.C., in Florence, AL, we understand that caring for a puppy or kitten can be overwhelming in the beginning and we are here to help you on your pet ownership journey. Keep reading to learn more about the basics of puppy and kitten care. 


What Do Puppies and Kittens Need?

Puppies and kittens can benefit from a safe, comfortable place to live. Make sure the area you designate for your new pet is equipped with food, water, toys, a bed or blanket for sleeping, and a litter box for cats. Dogs should be taken outside regularly to relieve themselves in an appropriate area. Puppy pads can help with house training.

It can be important to handle your puppy and kitten often so they will learn to trust you. Socialize them with people, pets, and unfamiliar places. Reward good behavior with treats, toys, or verbal praise (“good girl/boy!”).

What Do Puppies and Kittens Eat?

Feed puppies and kittens a nutritionally balanced diet. Puppies and kittens can benefit from protein, fat, vitamins and minerals to help them grow. Speak to a veterinarian on our veterinary team about the ideal food for your pet’s age. Establish a feeding schedule to prevent over-eating and under-eating.

Should You Pet Proof Your Home?

When bringing home a puppy or kitten, it can be important to pet proof your home to keep him safe. Inspecting the area for possible hazards and planning ahead can help prevent incidents. Make sure there are no small items that your pet may ingest and be mindful of dangerous plants that could hurt him if he chews on them.

Veterinarian Visits for Puppies and Kittens

At your first veterinarian visit at our animal clinic, we may discuss with you any health concerns as well as help you get vaccination schedules and other preventative care. It can be important to start getting your puppy or kitten used to the veterinary office early on. If a pet has had positive experiences from its initial visits, he might be more likely to be relaxed during future trips.

Get Pet Care Treatment from a Veterinarian at Our Animal Clinic

At Connolly Animal Clinic P.C., our staff is dedicated to providing pet care for your pet. We offer Florence, AL, treatment and customer service that can help ensure the health of your new pet for years to come. We look forward to serving you and your furry family members at our animal clinic. Call us at (256) 757-5376.