Pet Dental Care FAQ

Your pet's teeth need some special attention, particularly because pets use their mouths for many more things than people do. If your pet experiences dental pain, he or she may not groom themselves as much as they used to, or they might lose weight because they are not eating. Dental care can change this.

We here at Connolly Animal Clinic provide pet dental care in Florence, AL. Our veterinarians know that dental care for pets can be difficult, especially when many pets do not exhibit signs of pain or discomfort. Here's what every pet owner should know about dental care.

Pet Dental Care FAQ

What Types of Dental Work Do Cats and Dogs Need?

Usually, cats and dogs need treatment for periodontal disease. Signs your pet may need treatment for gum disease include bleeding, swelling, and tooth loss. Treatment may involve dental cleanings or extractions.

Pets may also break teeth, which can be incredibly painful. A dental extraction or root canal can address this issue, but your pet will need to be placed under anesthesia to safely perform some of these tasks.

Pets may also experience dental abscesses, tooth loss, and other oral health issues. Your vet will provide advice regarding how you should move forward with treatment for your pet.

Do Dogs and Cats Have Baby Teeth?

Yes, dogs and cats do have "baby teeth." Pets will lose their first set of teeth after just a few months. If you notice small teeth falling out, this is often nothing to worry about. If you notice any signs of pain or discomfort, it is important that you get help.

Do Toys & Treats Preserve a Pet's Oral Health?

In some cases, you can help your pets by offering toys and dental chews. Some treats help scrape tartar from your pet's teeth, but they are not necessarily enough to substitute dental care. Dental treatment, including cleaning, is still important.

Our veterinarians may also recommend that you brush your pet's teeth at home with a brush and toothpaste made specifically for pets. The earlier you build a dental routine, the more your pet will grow comfortable with the routine.

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