Hundreds of thousands of pets are lost in the United States every year, some of which are never reunited with their families due to lacking basic identification. A pet microchip can help ensure your furry friend is returned to you if they ever get lost by providing permanent identification. At Connolly Animal Clinic in Florence, AL, our veterinarian provides high-quality pet microchipping services that will help you get reunited with your precious animal if they get lost.


What Is Pet Microchipping? How Does It Work?

This procedure involves injecting a tiny identification transponder about the size of rice grain between the shoulder blades of your pet. This chip carries a unique identification number. The process is generally not painful, especially when performed by a veterinarian, but your pet may feel some discomfort if they attempt to scratch at or rub against that area. Individuals will then be able to access your pet's personal information by scanning the chip with a suitable scanning device, including your contact information in case the pet gets lost. It's important to note that the microchip doesn't contain any batteries or moving parts, making it very safe. The process is also minimally invasive and can be completed in a few minutes.

Benefits of Pet Microchipping

Easier location of stolen or lost pets: If your pet is becoming lost, you want them returned to you as quickly and safely as possible. If your pet has a microchip, you can be confident that your pet will be returned to you.

The microchipping process is easy and quick: You don't have to worry about your pet experiencing pain or undergoing surgery. The microchip is also small enough that it can be injected quickly between the shoulder blades. In most cases, the entire process will only take a few minutes.

The microchip lasts a lifetime: Unlike collars and tags, the microchip remains in place for the pet’s entire lifetime. You don't have to worry about it getting lost or damaged, and you can allow yourself peace of mind knowing that your pet is microchipped for life.

By scheduling an appointment with our veterinarian, you'll have a chance to ask any questions you might have about the benefits of microchipping. That way, you can know you're making a wise decision for your pet.

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