Pet Eye Infections

Like humans, pets can develop eye infections, which can be uncomfortable for the pet. When your pet develops an eye infection, seeking treatment at a vet clinic can help to avoid future complications. We at Connolly Animal Clinic in Florence, AL, are here to help treat pet eye infections, and a veterinarian on our team can help diagnose and treat your pet’s condition. 

Pet Eye Infections

Types of Pet Eye Infections

Several types of eye infections include conjunctivitis (pink eye), tear gland issues, eyelid abnormalities, or cornea inflammation. Additionally, uveitis is an inflammation of the structures of the pet’s eye. Below are some causes of eye infections, which can be treated by seeing a veterinarian on our team. 


There are various causes of eye infections in pets, so taking your pet to an animal clinic for diagnosis and treatment can be important. Common causes of infections can include viruses, bacteria, fungus spores, allergens, debris, trauma, scratch on the cornea, and parasites. Symptoms of an eye infection can include redness of the eye and surrounding the eye, swelling, watery discharge, a smelly discharge, squinting, consistent blinking, keeping the eye closed, sensitivity to light, and pawing at the eye. 

Additionally, it is essential to know that though the pet may be experiencing symptoms of an eye infection, it could be a sign of a different type of eye problem. Conditions like glaucoma may be mistaken for an eye infection and, if left untreated, could cause vision problems for your pet. If your pet is experiencing any of the above symptoms or other eye-related issues, see a vet on our team for a proper diagnosis. 

How a Veterinarian Can Help

Part of treating these types of infections is determining the root cause of the infection. This may also involve topical treatments or oral medications. In extreme cases, eye infection may require pet surgery to correct and heal the eye. A vet on our team can conduct a thorough examination to help diagnose the cause of the infection and provide an appropriate treatment plan. 

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Bring your pet to us to get the proper care to avoid vision problems and other eye-related complications. Our doctors at Connolly Animal Clinic in Florence, AL, can help diagnose your pet’s infection. Call our office at (256) 757-5376 to schedule an appointment and help your pet find relief from their infection.