Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care with Our Veterinarian

If your pet has a broken, chipped, or infected tooth, it’s never fun. Getting help from an animal clinic and an experienced veterinarian is vital. Connolly Animal Clinic in Florence, AL, can help your pet get the care and relief they need for dental issues. From chipped and broken teeth to infections and abscesses, we're your one-stop shop for all pet dental care. Read below to see how our practice can help you. 


Signs Your Pet Needs Veterinary Help

Dental issues are common in pets like cats and dogs, especially if you don't engage in routine dental care. For example, if you have yet to brush your dog or cat's teeth, give them special treats, and pay close enough attention, chances are they might suffer from a dental scare at one point or another. Some of the most common signs your pet needs dental care are the inability to eat, avoiding certain foods like hard foods and chews, blood in the water or food bowl, swollen gums, or visibly swollen cheeks.

Any changes in behavior should warrant a visit to the veterinarian. Once at our animal clinic, we'll look at your pet's gums and teeth and determine the best course of treatment. Some dental issues, like chipped or broken teeth, can be handled immediately. Others, such as advanced periodontal disease, require more treatment.

Get Your Pet the Right Treatment

Our veterinarian will thoroughly examine your pet's teeth and update you on their oral health. Our vet might notice signs such as decay, tartar build-up, bad breath, red gums, and even blood, all indicating issues with your pet's teeth. Depending on what they find, our vets will give you treatment recommendations, from medications to lifestyle changes, surgery, and even tooth extraction.

Help Your Pet's Teeth Shine Bright

Your pet deserves to show off that beautiful smile and live pain-free. At Connolly Animal Clinic, we make it our mission to get your pet the dental care and pet care they need to improve their quality of life! For the best pet services at Connolly Animal Clinic in Florence, AL, call us at (256) 757-5376 to book an appointment!  We would be happy to help your pets with any discomfort they may be experiencing.