Conditions Treated

Are you in search of a reliable veterinarian who can provide caring, professional medical care for your pets on an ongoing basis? Do you have a pet facing a health emergency that requires fast, effective treatment? If so, Connolly Animal Clinic in Florence is here to meet your needs. We serve anyone seeking treatment for pets of all types and sizes. 

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Diseases Treated

If your pet is feeling unwell, we'll do everything we can to help them feel better. We treat various conditions, including eye infections, influenza, and coughing/sneezing. However, our approach goes beyond alleviating symptoms. We also investigate the root cause of your pet's discomfort, offering preventative care to prevent future health issues. Should your pet require further observation, we have the facilities and experienced staff to ensure a comfortable, safe stay.

Our animal clinic is equipped with advanced digital x-ray machines, and our seasoned veterinarians can perform laser surgery when necessary. We also provide core and non-core vaccinations to prevent serious diseases that could lead to disability or even death.

Chronic Health Conditions

Unfortunately, some pets suffer from chronic conditions that cannot be cured. However, with proper diagnosis and treatment, your pet can lead a happy, fulfilling life despite these health challenges. At Connolly Animal Clinic, we offer treatment for allergies, asthma, diabetes, and arthritis. We also provide medications and supplements for pain management, but only after a comprehensive check-up to ensure the medication and dosage are suitable for your pet.

Dental Problems

More than 80% of pets have experienced at least one dental issue by the age of three. If your pet exhibits symptoms such as bad breath and difficulty eating, it's essential to have their teeth examined promptly. Our veterinarian can address a range of dental health problems, including dental disease, abscesses, and chipped or broken teeth. We offer medications, surgery, or even tooth extraction when necessary. Additionally, we provide personalized lifestyle recommendations to maintain your pet's dental health for as long as possible.

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Dr. Matthew A. Connolly, D.V.M, is a lifelong Alabama resident with extensive experience in treating pets for a variety of health concerns. He has a track record of providing effective, compassionate treatment and long-term care to animals in need. Moreover, our clinic utilizes cutting-edge tools and technologies to ensure your pet receives the best possible care at all times.

Are you looking for a veterinarian near me? Call us today to schedule an appointment if your pet is not feeling well. We'll not only address the current condition but also assist you in enhancing your pet's overall health and well-being.