Pet Boarding FAQs

Pet Boarding

Looking for safe and secure cat or dog kennels to board your furry friend? Connolly Animal Clinic is your one-stop location for doggy daycare, cat boarding, and dog boarding kennels in the Florence, AL area. If you’re new to pet boarding, you may have questions about these services. These FAQs from our veterinarians provide the answers you need to make smart boarding decisions.

Why should I board my pet at an animal clinic?

Quality care that is supervised by an experienced veterinarian is a major benefit of boarding your dog or cat at our pet hotel. Our staff has ample experience caring for pets of all ages and breeds and will take exceptional care of your pet. Our boarding kennels are spacious, clean, and safe making it an excellent home-away-from-home environment for dogs and cats.

Will my pet have his or her own space?

Although we provide opportunities to socialize, each of our pet guests has its own quarters with ample space to rest, sleep, or play. Group playtimes at our cat hotel are well supervised to avoid any “misunderstandings” among our feline guests. If your cat isn’t so sociable, we will give her individual attention and TLC to help her have a rewarding cat-boarding experience.

Can I bring items from home?

You can bring your pet’s favorite toys or blanket, food, and snacks to help him feel comfortable during his stay. If your pet is taking medication or is on a special diet, we will make sure these veterinary needs are met to maintain his normal schedule.

What are the health requirements for pet guests? 

Whether your pet is coming for dog daycare or an extended stay at our pet hotel, we require that all pets have their vaccinations up to date. Pets must also be free of fleas and ticks before their boarding date. By upholding a high hygiene standard, we can protect all our pet guests from sickness and disease.

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To schedule boarding services at Connolly Animal Clinic in Florence, call our team today at (256) 757-5376 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.